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  AA Series Pneumatic Actuators
AA Series Pneumatic Actuators

Design and Feature

ALPHA-ACHEM AA Series pneumatic actuators are 100% stainless steel actuators with the strong point of the fourth generation rack & pinion pneumatic actuators. Based on latest CNC machining centers & mechanical manufacturing technology,and nearly 20 years know-how of the rack & pinion technology, this actuators we manufactured is a high grade product with the characteristics of reliability, high performance, long cycle life and already proved to be used in most corrosive chemicals as well as very harsh industrial atmospheres.
Wide scope of output torque. Totally, we have 10 different size (specifications) actuators for choice. The output torque range is from 15Nm to 3815 Nm at 5 Bar. The AA-300 stainless steel actuator with 3815Nm is biggest one in the World now.
Excellent corrosion resistance. All main parts of AA series actuator and it's accessories are made from stainless steel. The body and end-caps is made by investment casting stainless steel. The CF8 (304) and CF8M (316) are available for choice. The pinion and fastening are made by 304 or 316 on requiring. Nearly 20 years experience of application proved that this kind of stainless steel pneumatic is able to offer excellent resistance to most corrosive chemicals (such as acid, alkali ) as well as corrosive industry atmospheres, such as offshore, oil and gas platform, pharmaceutical and food industry.
Smooth operation and long life operation. High level manufacturing technology for the rack & pinion in our workshop allows this actuator not only to cycle more than 1 million times free from failure but alos to offer exceptionally smooth actuation due to the low friction generated during rotral operations.
Flexible adjustment in travel ends. The two independent external travel stop bolts allow 5adjustment at 0and 90 of the quarter travel.

Namur and ISO5211 Mount. AA series Stainless Steel Pneumatic Actuators are designed to incorporate Namur mounting for solenoids, limit switches and positioners and offer a ISO5211 combination mounting pads that allow you to mount directly to quarter turn valves.

Single acting with high performance springs. Preloaded coating springs are made from the high quality material for resistant to corrosion and longer cycle life, which can be demounted safely and conveniently to satisfy different requirements of torque by changing quantity of springs.

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